This is my old homepage, featuring all my travel pictures and the other categories of photos not seen on the new commercial website.

Asia 2009

Still lifes and flowers

2010 World Cup

June 2005-Montreal

Jim's Wedding

October 2004

June 2004

February 2004

May 2003

February 2003

Black & Whites

NY and other cities

The trip to Pete's wedding in Sweden

The Entire Collection

Everything else


2006 Eclipse

March 2006

July 2006

June 2005
I started getting serious about my photography about 4 years ago when I bought my first Nikon. Since then, it's been an addiction. I've attended the Nikon School seminars and took a class at John Casablancas Modeling Agency, and learned a phenomenal amount from both. Other than that, though, I'm largely self-taught, which is somewhat obvious when you compare my older work to what I've shot recently.

I'm now shooting mostly in digital, although I still bring a camera loaded with slide film wherever I go (a Nikon F100), as each tend to gather light differently. I love slides, actually; pity they aren't reproducable here.

I am available for hire, and I will travel if my expenses are paid. Anything you see here is available for purchase; see the price list for details, or email me if you've got a particular idea in mind.

Thanks again for dropping by! I hope you enjoy the new look to the site.

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