The Scotch Bonnet Project

This is simply a tangent I went off of one day in the studio, and then later in Photoshop. Scotch bonnets are the fresh version of Habaneros; or, more to the point, habaneros are the dried version of the scotch bonnet pepper. They are the hottest on the scale: jalapenos are 25, scotch bonnets are 120. So they're fiery!

While none of the peppers here were harmed during the shooting of this project, all but the red one have since been consumed. Happily, they went quite well in the Indian or pasta dishes in which they were an ingredient. For all the heat they put out, they add an interesting flavor that cannot be duplicated without the burn. It makes dinner more than a meal; it makes it an experience.

Here, then, is the Scotch Bonnet Project.

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