Studio work

For this page I am going to let the images speak for themselves. Unless there is an obvious need for clarification, I'll just be displaying images here. These were all taken with my Nikon D70 digital camera and a Dynalite strobe flash system, with a major thanks to my Konica Minolta VF light meter.

Oh, and click here for the section with just flowers.

Candle and smoke and black

I wish I could open these and still have them for the future! Actually, I do have a second Hundred Acre, I just don't want to open this one........yet.

My favorite peppers - scotch bonnets. The hottest. The fresh form of habaneros. These are amazingly hot but delicious. I put one of these in the pan when I make Indian food and end up needing to have a towel next to me when I eat it. People wonder why it's worth all that burning, but you get such amazing flavors from hot food that non-spicy food just doesn't have.

A buddha hand, some weird fruit I found in the market. I don't even know what you're supposed to do to eat it. It smells good, but it feels kinda rind-y. Is this a citrus? I don't know.

I've been working a lot with Photoshop lately and have really learned a lot. This is just something I thought might look cool, although it is useless. The lunar eclipse photo on the home page would have been impossible without photoshop; it's a great program.

And that's it for now. I'll add and subtract from here and I come up with more stuff and eventually I hope to have a page of work that has appeared commercially. Hopefully that's next!

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