New York City scenes

Note: All shots on this page were taken with Kodax TMAX100 film, with the Nikon N65 camera and either a 28-80mm AF Nikor lens, or my 70-300mm AF Nikor lens. I have UV filters on both lenses.

Three Buildings on Battery Park, #7632b-35 Until I shot this picture in March 2002, I had no clue what any of the buildings on the edge of Battery Park looked like. I found this cluster of three buildings and immediately liked what I saw; the center building is all silver glass and reflects everything. You can see the passing clouds reflected in its surface, and as I later found out, the sun shining off this structure is quite striking. I have no idea who the guy on the right is; because of the amount of tourists in the area (the Liberty Island ferry is about 20 yards behind me as I shoot this one), getting a properly-framed shot of these buildings with no innocent bystanders is a tough task.

f/5.6, 1/500th sec.

Tops of Midtown Manhattan, #7631b-25 One of the greatest qualities of the Brooklyn Bridge is the view. Here we are looking over Midtown with a zoom lens from the north side of the Bridge. Dominating the picture is the art-deco masterpiece, the Chrysler Building, in between the much-maligned Met Life building (formerly known as the Pan Am building when I was young) and on the right, the top of the Citicorp Tower can be seen. From this distance, the city is calm and serene; nothing like it really is on a Tuesday at lunchtime.

f/6.7, 1/500th sec.

Up the Woolworth Building, #7631b-04 Set on the edge of the City Hall plaza, the Woolworth Building was the tallest building in the world from 1913 to 1930, when the Chrysler Building took its title. This photo does not capture the building's height, but instead captures the essense of what "skyscraper" means: the sky pierced by the building's top spires, directing the traffic of the clouds around it on a spring afternoon. I consider this to be one of my favorite black and white images.

f/16, 1/90th sec.

Central Park Footbridge, #0245b-13This is a neat little scene on the west side of Central Park, coming out of The Rambles and headed south along The Lake, which you can see in the background, followed by buildings on Central Park West. It's a peaceful area; in springtime it is not uncommon to see families of ducks on the lake's edges, especially in this area, which is not near any of the oft-congested areas of the park. This picture was taken at the end of winter, hence the bare trees.

The Lake in Central Park, #0245b-04 This flock of Canadian geese was making its way across the lake on a late winter afternoon on a fairly windless day, which accounts for the nice reflections on the water's surface even with the geese' wake disturbing the surface. Had it been totally windless, the reflections would have been even better; but it's tough to find a totally windless day in Central Park.

View of downtown Manhattan from the Manhattan Bridge, #9200b-07 I was walking over the Manhattan bridge on my way to take the picture that is featured at the top of the Bridges of New York page, when I happened to notice that the view of downtown from here is pretty cool. Problem is, the Manhattan bridge pedestrian walkway is covered with a relatively fine-mesh fence that would show up in the camera - except for a gap between the fence and a railing. So I had to crouch down like a catcher to take this shot, and I'm surprised I didn't shake too much. It's really a nice view, and it never fails to amaze me how peaceful the city looks from such a perspective.

f/16, 1/125th sec., Kodak TMAX100 film.

Statue of Liberty from the Ferry, #9435b-18 This shot was taken from the Staten Island Ferry, from which you get the opportunity to take some good close shots of the Statue without actually paying to go to Liberty Island - the Staten Island ferry is free of charge. It was raining, unfortunately, for most of this trip, but the skies were just clearing on the way back to Manhattan, and I got this shot of the broken sky in the background behind a stiff American flag and the stoic Statue herself, watching the endless traffic through the New York harbor.

f/11, 1/1000 sec, Kodak TMAX 400 film.

Seagulls perched on a dock at Battery Park, #7632b-25 This is a shot I took on the same roll as the three buildings at the top of the page; the Statue of Liberty is in the distant background, and the clouds are outstanding. It's just a picture, but to me it conveys a kind of solitary serenity, something greatly needed in a city a busy as New York. But you need to view the larger view to get the full effect.

This portfolio is an ongoing project in New York City and there are plenty of images to be added. Please return at a later time.

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