European Tour 05:
Prague, Berlin, Copenhagen, Sweden

Pete McDonald's wedding finally arrived.  Those of you who follow this website may remember Pete having several appearances within this site: First in Peru this last February for Jim's wedding (wearing a kilt), then in Alaska for his bachelor party (wearing a tutu).

With the wedding set for the 12th of August, I had a major conflict of schedule: my 20 year class reunion was scheduled in California for the 13th.  But I decided that if the flight schedule will allow me to hit both events, then I would go to both events.   Both were too important to miss.

Sure enough, I was able to create an itinerary that allowed me to go to the wedding in Sweden on friday night and make it back to Santa Barbara in time for my class reunion.  With that decided, the next step became, What else do I do in Europe?  Fortunately, Kevin Cronin was also going to the wedding, and suggested that we join some Scottish friends of his who would be in Prague for a bachelor party the weekend before Pete's wedding.  So the plan became to meet in Prague, spend a few days there, then take the train to Copenhagen for a few days before another train to Goteborg for the wedding.

Pete Hogan and Greg Holt got wind of the idea and decided to come along also, thus making it a trip for the four of us across central Europe.  And Kevin noted that it would be worth stopping in Berlin on the way to Copenhagen.  So I made the rail arrangements while Kevin took care of the hotels.  Originally we were going to spend just a day in Berlin, but due to the schedule of the trains, we would have had an unfavorable travelling time if we left after one day.  So Berlin became two days.

Our schedule was thus:

August 5: Arrive in Prague
August 6: Spend day in Prague, join bachelor party
August 7: Train to Berlin in morning
August 8: Berlin
August 9: Train to Copenhagen in morning
August 10: Copenhagen
August 11: Train to Goteborg in morning
August 12: Goteborg; wedding at 3p
August 13: Leave for Santa Barbara at 620a, arriving at 5p.

But why don't I just tell the story with pictures.  View them in order according to the itinerary for the best effect.

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